Microcontroller and Embedded Systems / 2022: Semester II


  • New Assignment released: [Lab #4]
  • New Lecture is up: Embedded system design process [slides]
  • New Lecture is up: Low power design for embedded system [slides]
  • New Lecture is up: Embedded software architecture [notes] [slides] [handout]
  • New Lecture is up: Fundamentals of real-time systems [slides] [handouts]
  • New Lecture is up: Introduction to Real-Time Operating systems [slides] [handout] [code]
  • New Assignment released: [Lab #3]

Course Description

This course provides a basic understanding of embedded computer systems: Hardware/software systems and co design. C programming for embedded microcontroller and peripheral devices. Principles and practice of using Embedded RTOS (Real Time Operating System) and peripheral devices such as sensors and actuators to build a small embedded system. Peripheral interfacing methods and standards. Analog digital conversion methods and interfacing. Low power design. Design methodologies and tools. Design projects. Students will gain design experience with project/case studies using contemporary high-level methods and tools.