I work at the African Centre of Excellence in Biomedical Engineering and e-Health and a lecturer at the Africa Center of Excellence in Internet of Things.

In my spare time, I do technical consultations for private companies, both nationally and internationally. My consultations focus on ways small and large businesses can leverage Artificial Intelligence to increase their profit, understand and engage new customers, and achieve a competitive edge through mining their existing data.

I am also an independent full-stack. NET developer, software consultant and architect and have experience developing software including web, desktop client/server applications and application lifecycle management using the Microsoft Technology Stack (.Net Core, MS SQL Server, EF, C#.NET, ASP.NET, Blazor, .NET MAUI, WPF, Web API, etc).

My current research focuses on using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to develop homegrown solutions to healthcare in Rwanda—and Africa in general. In the past, my research focused on affective and physiological computing. My PhD thesis pioneered research on developing intelligent and energy-efficient air-conditioning systems that self-adjust depending on people’s heart rate variability (HRV). This research also investigated the interplay between thermal comfort and stress and laid the groundwork for developing devices that automatically adjust themselves to satisfy their users’ implicit and explicit needs (in terms of, e.g., thermal comfort, ventilation, well-being, and productivity) sustainably— in terms of e.g., heating, ventilation, and cooling efficiency, and lighting).


Oct 7, 2022 I often anonymously answer questions related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on question-and-answer websites such as Stack Overflow and Reddit. After long hesitation, I have decided to create a blog that will document my thoughts on Artificial intelligence and to disseminate my current research.

selected publications

  1. Ph.D. thesis
    Affect-Aware Intelligent Thermal Comfort Environments
    Kizito Nkurikiyeyezu
    Mar 2020
  2. ACII
    Affect-aware thermal comfort provision in intelligent buildings
    Kizito Nkurikiyeyezu, Anna Yokokubo, and Guillaume Lopez
    In 2019 8th International Conference on Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction Sep 2019
  3. Journal
    Effect of Person-specific Biometrics in Improving Generic Stress Predictive Models
    Kizito Nkurikiyeyezu, Anna Yokokubo, and Guillaume Lopez
    Sensors and Materials Feb 2020
  4. Journal
    Heart rate variability as a predictive biomarker of thermal comfort
    Kizito N. Nkurikiyeyezu, Yuta Suzuki, and Guillaume F. Lopez
    Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing Aug 2018
  5. Journal
    Conceptual Design of a Collective Energy-Efficient Physiologically-Controlled System for Thermal Comfort Delivery in an Office Environment
    Kizito Nkurikiyeyezu, Yuta Suzuki, Pierre Maret, and 2 more authors
    SICE Journal of Control, Measurement, and System Integration Jul 2018
  6. Journal
    Development and evaluation of a low-energy consumption wearable wrist warming device
    Guillaume Lopez, Takahiro Tokuda, Manami Oshima, and 3 more authors
    International Journal of Automation Technology Nov 2018
  7. Book chapter
    Classification of Eating Behaviors in Unconstrained Environments
    Kizito Nkurikiyeyezu, Haruka Kamachi, Takumi Kondo, and 3 more authors
    Nov 2021